This is a list of all of the used cards currently on the wiki. Used cards will have all damage noted, and the cost for shipping and the card itself will both be reduced depending on the extend of the damage. This list will be updated as I add more used cards to the wiki. The categories for the conditions of each card will be as follows: Mint, Slightly used, Used, Heavily Used, Damaged, Heavily Damaged. The closer to Heavily Damaged the card is, the more the prices will be reduced. For anything past Used, the prices will be listed, however, they will be somewhat negotiable.

Apprentice Magician

Des Feral Imp

Evil Hero Dark Gaia

Flame Ghost


King of the Swamp

Legendary Flame Lord


Magician of Faith

Marie the Fallen One

Mefist the Infernal General

Meteor Dragon

Sealmaster Meisei